We offer an opportunity that can increase your profits with little to no work to you or your team. We can bring our full professional set-up to your location and cook our kettle corn, cotton candy, nachos, and Italian ice right at your event! We will sell our products and give your organization a percentage of our sales. This is a great way to add a lot of entertainment value to your event while also earning money at the same time.


Have your organization order a quantity of our kettle corn bags (minimum 60 or more) and distribute the bags to your team and sell them at the rate you choose. You will pick up the bags and we will hold a credit card number in our system and charge you 35% of the order at the time of pick up. We will give your team 2 weeks to sell the bags and charge you the remaining 65% of the order after the 2 weeks. This allows your team to avoid a large upfront cost and some time to start selling and raising money. We recommend that your team is ready to sell shortly after you pick up the bags as our kettle corn will taste the best within 2 weeks of being popped.